My Reward List

Walk. Get rewarded.

Explore awesome rewards from local brands, complete the step challenges to win them, then enjoy your achievement. You deserve it.  

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Step 1 : Pick your reward

We work hard to bring you awesome rewards from awesome brands that want to keep you happy and healthy. Check them out their challenges in the No Big Deal app!

Step 2 : Complete your challenge

So here’s the deal. We’re not just going to give you the reward, we want you to put some healthy effort into this. Why? Because at No Big Deal, we care about your wellbeing and want to motivate you to feel great. Choose one of the challenges below and track your progress in the mobile app. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but don’t forget the reward. Shine!

Walk for It!

Get moving! Each step counts towards your reward. Pump your step numbers up with some exploring, walking your dog an extra km, walking to work. You decide - we just count them.

Group Walk!

Why not make a great experience a shared experience? Take challenges together with your friends and keep track of them and boost a bit of that healthy friendly competition!

Fitness Luxembourg

Run for It!

Run the distance, improve your cardio, get rewarded. No need to go too fast, don’t worry. Run at your pace and you’ll get your reward quicker than walkers - don’t make race car noises when you pass them.

More to Come…

We are actively working to bring new challenges your way. If you have thoughts on what you would like to do for your rewards, feel free to contact us so we can implement (steal) your idea!

Propose your challenge now!
Rewards for health

Step 3 : Redeem your reward

You made it! That must feel pretty great. Go claim your reward by using the QR code or e-coupon you received in the No Big Deal mobile app. Make sure you enjoy it. You deserve it.

Or, if you’ve been behaving badly recently, why not give it to a friend, lover, or someone who just needs it more than you. Karma is important.


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    Daniel Klemetz

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