Turn your motion

into emotion

Turn your motion

into emotion

We’re all moody sometimes. Let’s roll with that and move with you.

However you feel, movement is a way to feel better (“It’s science, […]” – Jesse Pinkman). No Big Deal matches your mood with walking or running challenges. Every achievement comes with a reward. No matter what’s going on at home, work, or that Whatsapp group chat you can’t leave, we’re here to move you. Of course, we couldn’t reward you by ourselves, we aren’t Santa. That’s why we have awesome partners!

How are you feeling today? Pick your mood, start a challenge, and move to achieve your reward.

Feel good? Great! Walk 10k steps a day or go for a 7km run to plant a tree in the rainforest. Feeling a bit lazy? No worries! Start slow with a gentle walk and reward yourself with an exclusive offer from one of your favourite brands. People underestimate the impact each step can have on your mood – that’s why we reward you for doing it. It’s like getting a bonus for going on vacation!

Walk and run

Hit the step count within the time limit to unlock the reward and your next set of challenges. Walk your dog, run away from the cops, it doesn’t matter. We just count the steps.

Team up with friends

Invite your top walking friends to combine your steps in group challenges for rewards you can enjoy together. It’s supposed to be a team thing, but a little competition never hurt anyone.

Fitness Luxembourg

Exclusive brand rewards

Run and walk your way to exclusive offers from brands ranging from clothing, sport, food, drink, and everything else you can dream of. Yes, we have beer and wine – lots of it.

Move for the planet

Take on challenges to plant trees in Europe, or clean plastic from local rivers, or to donate to lots more awesome initiatives. Feeling good? You should.

Rewards for health

Complete a challenge to unlock your reward and the next selection of challenges.

Enjoy your achievement and feel a bit better thanks to moving your body. Each time you complete a challenge, set your mood again to see a new set of unlocked challenges. It’s like a video game but you’re the hero, the levels are wherever you walk, and the rewards are real!


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    No Big Deal Team

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    Nigel Bergstra

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