Turn your motion

into emotion

Turn your motion

into emotion

Use empathy, sustainability, and teamwork to engage your team in wellbeing challenges

Thousands of employees across global brands team up in No Big Deal to achieve impactful targets together while nurturing healthy habits in their daily routine. Reach 100 million steps together to plant a mini-forest close to home, team up with your business unit to race the others and win exclusive rewards - whatever you create to fit your strategy and team, we get you the engagement to have an impact. 

Engage your team in impact and health – what experience will you create?

More than just another wellbeing app – No Big Deal’s unique user experience asks and adapts to how people feel, like a friend would. Emotional connection is key to drive the engagement needed to unleash your brand’s potential as a top employer.

Team-building challenges

Come together as virtual teams to race against other teams, have an impact together, and achieve great things while sharing memories with social features.

Custom training programs

Organizing or participating to a race or a walking event? Offer 8-week tailored training programs and set up a virtual race for people that want to join remotely.

Fitness Luxembourg

Employee wellbeing platform

Create your own customized challenges all year long leveraging our portfolio of business partners, picking your preferred charities or creating internal rewards.

Design your own experience

Leverage No Big Deal natural empathy and gamification to adapt experiences to your company culture as well as to the emotions of your people.

Rewards for health

Bring emotions, community, and culture together to drive brand engagement

Join brands driving 80% activation rates and 60% daily engagement. How?

Be your mood – the app asks and reacts to how each person feels to give them the feel-good vibes that fit their mood.

Build your community – colleagues can easily connect around wellbeing and impact. Add friends, see their statistics and performances across various challenges.

Drive your brand culture – make training fun and engaging through gamified employee knowledge quizzes.


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    Congratulations, your efforts paid off and 10 trees will be planted on your behalf | Félicitations, tes efforts ont permis de planter 10 arbres dans une forêt européenne

    No Big Deal Team
    No Big Deal Team

    April 10, 2021

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    Nigel Bergstra

    September 30, 2020

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